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This Paper Plate Snowman Wreath is adorable! With button eyes and a cheeky smile no-one will be able to resist!

This simple paper plate snowman craft is great for Christmas and Winter. Hang them on the door, window or wall for some Winter craft fun!

A jolly and easy paper plate craft for toddlers and preschoolers.

Watch Us Make This Fun Craft Below!

How To Make A Paper Plate Snowman Wreath

1 – Neatly cut the middle out of a paper plate.

2 – The middle of the paper plate is used to make the snowman’s head.  Glue it to the edge of the paper plate wreath.

3 – Glue cotton balls around the edge of the paper plate wreath. These give a lovely 3D element to the snowman craft.

4 – Using scraps of paper or card cut a hat, carrot nose and stick arms for your snowman.  Glue the pieces on.

5 – Cut three strips of cardstock to make the snowman’s scarf. Place one across the snowman’s neck and trim to fit. Cut the other two shorter and snip into one end to make the scarf tassels. Glue the two shorter pieces on too.

6 – Bring your snowman wreath to life with adorable button eyes and a cheeky smile.

7 – If you want to hang your paper plate snowman wreath up it is simple to glue or sticky tape a loop of ribbon onto the back.

We hope you have as much fun with this snowman craft as we have. Hang them on your doors, windows or walls for cute Winter decorations.

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Active Time 30 minutes

Total Time 30 minutes

Regular readers will know how much we like to craft with paper plates. They are so versatile and cheap. A mainstay of the craft cupboard to be sure! You can browse our favourite paper plate crafts here.

Supplies To Make Paper Plate Snowmen