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Our families rave about our internal communication platform through Brightwheel. In the Brightwheel platform, families receive real-time updates throughout the day. Updates include photos, activities, and open communication between parents and teachers. We also use this platform to check children in/out, pay tuition, and privately communicate with administrators. Brightwheel can be viewed in a web browser or on the app.

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We have an opendoor policy where parents are welcome to visit the academy at any time during normal operating hours and circumstances. If you believe that your child’s learning will be interrupted and/or the learning of the class during your visit, we request that visitations are limited. The Academy Director reserves the right to request limited visitations if it affects the overall learning environment of the classroom.

We encourage parents to volunteer in the classrooms and on field trips. Please notify your child’s teacher and/or the director if you will be available to volunteer. If someone other than a parent/guardian volunteers, you will need to notify the Director before the person visits the academy/field trip site. Repeat volunteers will need to complete a volunteer SLED/FBI and Central Registry Background check for $45.00 through the Academy.

There will be one optional parentteacher conferences during the Spring for children ages four and five who are preparing for kindergarten. Conferences will be a time for parents to learn about their child’s experiences and developmental progress at the Academy. Documentations of your child’s progress, developmental checklists, and classroom portfolios will be shared at the conference. Additional conferences may be scheduled at

Aspire Early Learning Academy, LLC encourages parents to celebrate their child’s birthday at the academy. This brings joy for your child and his/her peers. Classroom celebrations may be held at 3:00 pm Monday Friday. Parents and family members are welcome to attend. We have a No Nut Policy in place, so please be mindful when purchasing your items. Cakes, drinks, and all food items must be purchased from a store. Homemade items are prohibited. It is required that you notify your child’s teacher at least one day prior to the classroom party.

The Academy will hold two to three fundraising opportunities a year. We encourage every family to participate. Fundraisers provides the academy the ability to purchase and replenish items for the children as well as keep tuition at an affordable cost for our families.

We may host a small number of afterhours activities so that families may attend special events. Afterhour activities will be posted in advance for proper planning. We request that families participate as our team donates their time to prepare for these activities.


Our team takes great pride in serving our children quality, healthy meals each day. We provide an array of fresh fruits and vegetables, a variety of entrees, and fun snacks. We serve breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack which are all included in the weekly tuition. We have four weeks that are rotated throughout the month and are revised twice a year.

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